• Rudder provides strategic planning guidance to ensure your organization has a clear path to meeting your goals.

    Strategic planning and execution is vital to organizational success.

Is your organization struggling to align on your mission and long-term focus? Are your highly talented leaders getting bogged down in tactical work? Do you utilize the same strategic development approach year after year? Has your team lost focus from the strategic plan developed last year?

Approximately 5% of all organizations implement their strategies successfully.

(Dr. John Kotter, Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus, at Harvard Business School)

Strategic Planning

Rudder provides expert facilitation and strategic planning guidance to ensure your organization has a clear path to meeting your goals. Rudder believes collaborative strategic planning, involving both leadership and tactical managers, is critical to ensuring strategic plans are motivating, achievable and deliver on the organization’s mission. Let Rudder assist you with:

Mission, Vision, Values development

3-5 year strategic plans

Program and Department planning

Implementation plans

International staffing assessments

Engage Rudder to create bold strategies that empower and motivate your organization. We will motivate your teams to work collectively around a common goal.

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Catherine S.

Vice President / United Health Group

The talent at Rudder established a simple, yet methodical strategy and approach to enhance our risk mitigation related to third-party oversight. Rudder excelled in conducting a detailed analysis of our business’ risk and trends in our industry. They coupled their knowledge with a bottom-up risk and maturity analysis to develop and implement a first class oversight strategy for our company. The model they developed not only changed our overall business focus on risk, it also garnered broad executive support and included a roadmap to define efforts requiring support for execution. Our program continues to exceed organizational expectations today by ensuring we are not introducing new risk into our environment without vetting it appropriately.

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Governance & Board Development    Facilitation & Collaborative Services